Our Mission​

Empower PhDs to turn their knowledge and passions into impact and income without sacrificing their well-being.

Our Values

  • Prosperity – the state of being successful or thriving
  • Autonomy – ability to act on one’s own passions and interests (design your own definition of success)
  • Well-being – the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy
  • Joy – the emotion evoked by wellbeing and success

About The Leveraged PhD Founder

Hi there! I’m Mel Bruce founder of The Leveraged PhD. I earned my Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing in 2013.

After a decade in academia, I found myself asking more and more if my academic career was right for me. I was burnt out and tired of not making a real impact. I began to ask: what might my life look like if I were to leave academia? If I could move back home near my family and have more freedom to where I put my efforts?

As I was contemplating this, the toxic environment of my department came to a head, and I received the push I needed to make a change.

I quit my tenure-track professorship to create a life of joy and prosperity for myself and my young family. I assessed the skills and passions I had (teaching, knowledge of marketing and business, and love of helping others) and started coaching businesses.

After growing a successful coaching business that gave me lifestyle, financial, and location freedom, I looked back with fresh eyes, the reality of what academia was for so many PhD sank in. I started thinking…

What if PhDs had a way to learn how they can add significantly to their annual income? With speaking gigs? Coaching? Consulting? Or freelance work? Or passive income from an online course?

I founded The Leveraged PhD to do just that! I believe that entrepreneurship is a fantastic way for PhDs to create lives of joy and prosperity. A life that will allow you to use your knowledge and passions for impact and income without sacrificing your well-being.

Why Leverage Your PhD?

The idea behind The Leveraged PhD is to help you use your PhD to its maximum advantage thereby gaining more from your PhD than you put in (and I know you put a lot into your PhD).

You have way too much to give the world to be constrained by academia. 

It’s time to leverage your PhD.