53 hashtags for academia to expand your academic network on Twitter

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Twitter has revolutionized academia for some who have embraced it. If you are trying to build your academic brand or expand your network then utilising academic hashtags on Twitter is an important tool.

Hashtags alone won’t instantly expand your network so make sure you dedicate time to nourish your network. If you are feeling bogged down with the time you spend on Twitter check out this post on how to manage Twitter in 10 minutes a day.

General Academia Hashtags


The catch-all academic hashtag which is used by most in a meta way to discuss the academic community on twitter.


Short for ‘academic writing’. Discussion and peer support group for all those with an interest in academia. With a slant towards being successful in the writing process, this hashtag also has motivation and tips towards academia in general.


Used more often for content around administration however it is used for anything higher education related.


An academic specific version of #FollowFriday. Academics share on Twitter who they recommend others follow and why. Do not use for work on Sunday! Actually… do not work on Sundays! Take some downtime instead.


Another catch-all hashtag used for both serious and non-serious social media posts.


Tell the world about your day. Successes, failures.. this hashtags is a mixed bag.

Research/Writing Academia Hashtags


Getting papers to the finished and submitted stage can be a frustrating process. This hashtag is to tweet about your progress on a manuscript that needs to get out. If you see this hashtag in your feed give the writer a few words of encouragement!


Tell Twittersphere/Insta/Facebook that you are writing/reading/editing. It is not just used in academic writing but is a fantastic way to let your followers know that you should not be disturbed and for some ata-girls/ata-boys from your followers.


This one does just what it says on the can -> Shut Up and Write! Check out @SUWTues, @SUWTUK or @SUWTNA to participate in virtual writing groups.


Reviewer 2 is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the peer review system. This hashtag is used to share your experiences with ‘reviewer 2’

Teaching Academia hashtags


Tweeting about electronic learning? #eLearning is the hashtag for you.


The good, the bad and the ugly. Use this to highlight the best and worst of students. Or, follow others to know that you are not alone! Students at other universities are just the same as yours.


This hashtag spans all of education including K-12. Use this for more general educational information.

Hashtags for the lighter side of Academia

My favourite group of academic hashtags! Academia can be all-consuming and when we look around it can seem like everyone is overworking themselves so we feel that we need to do likewise to succeed. These hashtags let you know that it is okay to have some downtime.


Anything you do to de-stress, relax and enjoy life. Hiking, drinking, fiction reading, meditation, eating, travelling, exploring… If you feel like you can’t use this hashtag you are working too hard. Log out of your computer, put down the tablet and get outside or invite some friends around for a board game.


Have a cat? This one should be accompanied with an image. An image of your cat/s combined with your laptop, paper, or readings is the go-to Instagram snap. Don’t forget your filter.


Drink beer? This one should also be accompanied with an image of that brew. Even if it is a misquote of Benny Franklin, it still rings true that “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”.


Okay, so this one isn’t really a thing… yet!

You know the drill, wine + academic = #academicswithwine


An academic version of the #RuinADateInFiveWords. Make sure you are in the right mood cause these can get deep fast. This hashtag includes beauties such as


Describe your day/week as a weather forecast. This was popular in 2015 but there is nothing like a retro comeback right?


Take a classic movie quote, add a dash of science humour. Again this is so 2015 but it’s never to late to add some academic humour to the social media world.

Hashtags for Women in Academia


Connect with other academics as they navigate motherhood and academia. Together we can laugh, cry and push for change in academia. While #academicmom and #academicmum are also used, #academicmama is universal and will ensure you connect with academics on both sides of the pond.


Use this hashtag to connect with women, call out the patriarchy and lift up women in academia. Give the woman a retweet.

Academic Hashtags for Minorities

Practices in hiring, retention, promotion all create additional hardships for minorities in academia. Despite it being 2019, much work is still to be done and not by those that are in the minority. A place to find people like you. Please let me expand this section by sending me a message or leaving a comment below.

#BlackAcademics /#BlackProfessor /#BlackAndSTEM

/ #LatinaProfessor/ #QueerSTEM/ #TransInSTEM/ #lgbtstem

Academic Hashtags for Early Career

Doing your PhD and being an early career academic can be isolating. Academic social media has opened up a support network… all you have to do in engage.


ECRchat is a fortnightly Twitter chat about all things Early Career. See @ECRchat


Tweets from the trenches of life on the tenure track.


Motivational quotes, stories of success, replies of support. This is the hashtag for when you need a lift me up.

#PhDAdvice /#PhDChat

Unsolicited advice on completing your PhD. Tips on writing, reading, literature reviews, data analysis. You name it there is some PhD advice out there, if you can’t find it ask and you shall receive.


A supportive community for those undertaking or thinking about doing a PhD. For more information on this hashtag see @PhDForum  Check out this tweet to see the value of this hashtag.


Similar to #AcademicLife just PhD candidate specific. A general hashtag used for good and evil.

Hashtags for Adjuncts in Academia


Mostly used to commiserate with fellow adjuncts. Everyone can agree adjunct work is a major issue, but there isn’t much conversation past the issues.

Hashtags for Life Outside/After Academia

#WithAPhD/#AltAc/#BeyondProf/#PostAc/ #TheProfessorIsOut/ #TheLeveragedPhD

While each of these hashtags has slightly different focuses they are all related to life outside or after academia. These are increasingly popular hashtags as fewer than half of all United States PhD graduates now work at universities.

Discipline-specific Academic Hashtags

#soctwitter (sociology)

#scicomm (science communication)

#twitterstorians (historians)

#histmed (history of medicine)

#medhist (medieval history)

#histchild (history of children/childhood)

Please send me/tweet me more discipline-specific academic hashtags so that I can expand this list.

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