How to disseminate your journal article to a wider audience

Increasingly academia is asking for impact from research. One metric being used is the dissemination of your journal article. Disseminating your research to a wider audience also helps build you and your team up as experts in the field. This can lead to collaborations, a larger research team, increased funding, and industry partnerships. In this […]

Five simple ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile for success

Last week I got an email from one of my amazing subscribers asking if I “had or were working on any content to leverage your PhD on the social media network, LinkedIn?  I got chatting with Chaya Gutnick and she put together this post on the 5 steps to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Stay tuned […]

How to follow your calling after you realize it’s not academia

Photo of a women typing on a laptop. How to follow your calling after you realize it’s not academia

Guest Post by Melissa E Anders In 2003 I quit my PhD. I had finished my Masters of Science the year before and what I loved the most about my Masters was writing in my tiny, attic apartment surrounded by all of my papers and compiling my introduction for my thesis around how to detect […]

How to use your PhD to become a coach [Interview with Morgana McCabe Allan]

Womans hand on a keyboard. Papers, glasses on the table. Using her PhD to be a coach

Interview with Morgana McCabe Allan Founder/CEO of Morgana McCabe Allan Ltd. (Business mindset and manifesting coaching) What does an average day in the life look like for you? Most days, I coach my lovely clients for a few hours (morning and/or evening), and spend a couple more on building my own business. Right now, that […]

How to batch social media content so that it doesn’t overtake your life

This post is for academics and PhDs who want to use social media to build their authority and personal/business brand. If you use social media only for personal updates, connecting with friends and family and are not trying to leverage your PhD to have more authority then this post is not for you – just […]

How to be a forensic scientist [Interview with Martina Ribar Hestericová]

How to be a forensic scientist [Interview with Martina Ribar Hestericová]

Senior communications manager and trade media lead Tell us about yourself Hello everyone, my name is Martina and I am originally from Slovakia, now working and living in Switzerland. I am a chemist by training, but I also work as a science communicator and a science journalist. I studied biochemistry and bioorganic chemistry at the […]

Tracking your money in your side hustle or small business

As my business started to take off with more income (and more expenses) I decided it was time to get serious about managing my money. When running a business no matter if it is a full-time gig or a side hustle you need to be keeping track of what you are spending and making. Understanding […]