Katie Linder LLC
SIde Hustle

Interview with Katie Linder

Katie Linder Consulting, LLC What is your side hustle and why did you start it? I first started my side business as a creative outlet

toyin Alli Interview
Friday Feature

Interview with Toyin Alli

Lecturer at University of Georgia What is your PhD about?  I got my PhD in Math.  Specifically, my research was in high dimensional statistics.  Basically,

Julia Ravey Interview
Friday Feature

Interview with Julia Ravey

Tell us about yourself I am originally from Liverpool; a big city in the UK with a super-friendly vibe. Being a Liverpool girl, I have

Friday Feature

Interview with Helen Kara

Independent researcher and author. Officially, Director of We Research It Ltd. I have never held a university position; I have been an independent researcher for

Gavin Irvine
Friday Feature

Interview with Gavin Irvine

PhD Student at Queen’s University Belfast What is your PhD about? I am doing a PhD centered in chemistry and I am based in the

Christine Streeter
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Interview with Christine Streeter

PhD Student in Social Work & Political Economy at Carleton University and Founder of Scholar Culture What is your PhD about? Well, I am a

Ravi Kant
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Interview with Ravi Kant

Senior Research Fellow Apart from academic research, I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship, scientific writing, science communication and also working on the grass root