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Melissa Pierce The Salty Scientist
Friday Feature

Interview with Melissa Pierce

Founder – The Salty Scientist What is your PhD about? I have a PhD in Oceanography. Specifically, I conducted research on the microbiome of the

Katie Linder LLC
SIde Hustle

Interview with Katie Linder

Katie Linder Consulting, LLC What is your side hustle and why did you start it? I first started my side business as a creative outlet

toyin Alli Interview
Friday Feature

Interview with Toyin Alli

Lecturer at University of Georgia What is your PhD about?  I got my PhD in Math.  Specifically, my research was in high dimensional statistics.  Basically,

Julia Ravey Interview
Friday Feature

Interview with Julia Ravey

Tell us about yourself I am originally from Liverpool; a big city in the UK with a super-friendly vibe. Being a Liverpool girl, I have