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Personal Branding

Why you need a website for your side hustle

Imagine potential customers coming to you for free. Imagine them consuming your content and over time developing a relationship with you. Imagine those people becoming paying customers with just a small nudge from you. Sound

Sophia Nasr Teaching
Friday Feature

Interview with Sophia Nasr

Science Communicator – AstropartiGirl What is your PhD about? I’m doing my PhD in cosmology at UC Irvine. This basically means I like to study

Social Media

Academic Hashtags for Instagram

Academia has always had a depressingly solitary aspect to it. Being an expert in your field can do that to a person. I’ve seen a

Friday Feature

Melanna “Lanna” Cox

Interview with Melanna “Lanna” Cox Life and Health Coach What is your Ph.D. about? My Ph.D. is in kinesiology and my research focuses on social

Non-academic careers

How a personal brand helps PhDs get hired

It’s tough to stand out as the world produces an increasing number of PhDs. It is becoming increasingly important to develop any competitive advantage you can.