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Mafalda A. Farelo
Friday Feature

Interview with Mafalda A. Farelo

PhD Candidate (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Science communicator on Instagram and Press & Social Media officer for PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in

Brianna Le Busque
Friday Feature

Interview with Brianna Le Busque

PhD Candidate (Psychology) and Blogger at Dr.OfWhat Website: www.drofwhat.com, Instagram: @dr.ofwhat What does an average day in the life look like for you? As I am

Laura Markley - Waste Free PhD
SIde Hustle

Interview with Laura Markley

PhD Student and Founder of Waste-Free PhD Blog: Waste-Free PhD Instagram: @wastefreephd Twitter: @wastefreephd Facebook: @wastefreephd.blog What is your PhD about? My dissertation is still

Friday Feature

Interview with Heidi Gardner

Research Fellow in Clinical Trials Methodology, and Chief Maker at Science On A Postcard Website: www.etsy.com/shop/scienceonapostcard, Twitter @heidirgardner/ @ScienceOnA, Instagram: @heidirgardner/ @ScienceOnAPostcard What is your side hustle? My side hustle

Kate Paine
Friday Feature

Interview with Kate Paine

Small business owner of Writing and Research Skills and Discovering Music Websites: www.writingandresearchskills.com and www.discovering-music.com Instagram: @katewritingresearchmusic Side Hustle or Non-Academic career? My side hustles

Sophie Cook
Non-academic careers

Interview with Sophie Cook

Blogger at The Scientific Beauty and Medical Writer Website: The Scientific Beauty Instagram: @sciencebeaut Twitter: @sciencebeaut Tell us about yourself My name is Sophie, I

Derek Miller
Friday Feature

Interview with Derek Miller

Employed full-time as a Research Scientist at a large semiconductor company. In my spare time, I’m launching Genius Lab Gear. This post originally appeared on The Professor

Gaius Augustus Interview
Friday Feature

Interview with Gaius Augustus

PhD candidate & Freelance Multimedia Science Communicator Tell us about yourself I’m Gaius, a visual storyteller and PhD candidate at the University of Arizona. I