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Hi, I'm Dr Melanie Bruce (You can call me Mel)

I’m an expert at teaching PhDs how to leverage their knowledge and passions for impact and income. 

In my carefully crafted talks, I share clear strategies with a dash of inspiration to educate and empower PhDs to create lives of joy and prosperity through their work.

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Signature Workshops

- Turning your knowledge and passions into impact and income

- Business idea exploration and assessment

- 4 steps to starting a business from your PhD

Commonly Requested Workshops

The culture of the research is changing. Academia is slowly moving away from using numbers alone to assess the impact and towards a variety of outcomes and outputs. The need to demonstrate the impact of research projects has not changed but an increased focus on stories and creative narratives is emerging. An online presence is one-way academics can showcase their research.

The Leveraged PhD founder Mel Bruce provides engaging, practical training on the following topics that help academics gain visibility for their research. All training can also be customised for your organisation.


- Creating an academic website

An academic website is a marketing tool that sits at the centre of your research communication strategy.

This introductory course teaches you how to create an academic website. It will help you determine if you need one, what to include, how to host your website, and design basics. The session also includes information on how to choose a domain name, personalised email addresses, and ways to make money from your website.

- Using social media to disseminate your research to a wider audience

Social media is a powerful tool to communicate research but it’s also daunting, time-consuming and overwhelming.

This introductory course teaches participants how to create a social media strategy for their research without burning out. The session will help you determine which platform to use, how to create content for the major platforms, and

- Creating an online presence for academics

This broader session helps participants create a holistic online presence. 

The workshop outlines how and when to communicate your work online including website and social media strategy. 

Workshop formats

All workshops are customised to your unique outcomes. The most common workshop format is 60-90 minutes. 

Workshops are available virtually or in person. Travel costs from Gold Coast, Australia apply to in-person presentations. 

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