How to disseminate your journal article to a wider audience

Increasingly academia is asking for impact from research. One metric being used is the dissemination of your journal article. Disseminating your research to a wider audience also helps build you and your team up as experts in the field. This can lead to collaborations, a larger research team, increased funding, and industry partnerships. In this […]

Best research writing books for when you are in a rut

inspirational research books

As my tenure clock increasingly ticked louder I found myself hating research more and increasingly feeling like an imposter. I had so many ideas for research, a number of projects on the go and had even data collected for 3 projects. I just couldn’t move forward. I went in search of resources to help me […]

Interview with Jonathan O’Donnell and Tseen Khoo

This week I’m bringing you a double interview. Together, Jonathan O’Donnell (JOD) and Tseen Khoo (TK)run the Research Whisperer, a blog and social media feed about doing research in academia. Separately, Tseen lectures in research education and development at La Trobe University and Jonathan is the Senior Research Initiative Coordinator for the Faculty of Science […]