How to use your PhD to become a coach [Interview with Morgana McCabe Allan]

Womans hand on a keyboard. Papers, glasses on the table. Using her PhD to be a coach

Interview with Morgana McCabe Allan Founder/CEO of Morgana McCabe Allan Ltd. (Business mindset and manifesting coaching) What does an average day in the life look like for you? Most days, I coach my lovely clients for a few hours (morning and/or evening), and spend a couple more on building my own business. Right now, that […]

How to use your PhD to become a Data Scientist [Interview with Michael Li]

Why did you decide to no longer pursue an academic career? Like many people, a career in academia looked like a great career choice when we started, but we slowly realized that it wasn’t for us over the course of the multiyear experience. There isn’t a lot of career flexibility, the publication cycles are very […]

How to make art (and get paid for it) [Interview with Alexej Savreux]

Alexej Savreux

What is your side hustle? My side hustle is visual art and writing. I do a lot of retail (gallery stuff) and also service-oriented production. I do a lot of photography, videography, photo manipulation, printmaking, bookmaking, arts blogging, literary translations in French, Czech, English & Joual. I’ve even done community activism banners/signs before and design […]

How to travel the world while doing a PhD [Interview with Stephanie Huff]

Stephanie Huff - The Pink Backpack

Tell us about yourself. My name is Steph and I’m a 30-year old doctoral candidate from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada – yes there is a London outside of England! I’m also originally from the same town, but I’ve lived all over the world, including Australia, England, Kenya, Tanzania and Switzerland. I did my […]

Interview with Jonathan O’Donnell and Tseen Khoo

This week I’m bringing you a double interview. Together, Jonathan O’Donnell (JOD) and Tseen Khoo (TK)run the Research Whisperer, a blog and social media feed about doing research in academia. Separately, Tseen lectures in research education and development at La Trobe University and Jonathan is the Senior Research Initiative Coordinator for the Faculty of Science […]

Interview with Melissa Pierce

Melissa Pierce The Salty Scientist

Founder – The Salty Scientist What is your PhD about? I have a PhD in Oceanography. Specifically, I conducted research on the microbiome of the eastern oyster. Host-microbe interactions are really interesting because we’ve learned so much about how bacteria associated with animals are responsible for many host physiological activities – like digestion and immune […]

Interview with Toyin Alli

toyin Alli Interview

Lecturer at University of Georgia What is your PhD about?  I got my PhD in Math.  Specifically, my research was in high dimensional statistics.  Basically, I studied how to visualize big data. What does an average day in the life look like for you?  I usually start the day with stretching or going to the […]

Interview with Julia Ravey

Julia Ravey Interview

Tell us about yourself I am originally from Liverpool; a big city in the UK with a super-friendly vibe. Being a Liverpool girl, I have a strong accent and like to dress up for daily life (including rollers to work when I have a big night out!). Starting at university in a different city, I […]