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Friday Feature

Interview with Helen Kara

Independent researcher and author. Officially, Director of We Research It Ltd. I have never held a university position; I have been an independent researcher for

Gavin Irvine
Friday Feature

Interview with Gavin Irvine

PhD Student at Queen’s University Belfast What is your PhD about? I am doing a PhD centered in chemistry and I am based in the

Christine Streeter
Friday Feature

Interview with Christine Streeter

PhD Student in Social Work & Political Economy at Carleton University and Founder of Scholar Culture What is your PhD about? Well, I am a

Ravi Kant
Friday Feature

Interview with Ravi Kant

Senior Research Fellow Apart from academic research, I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship, scientific writing, science communication and also working on the grass root

Sigrid van Roode
Friday Feature

Interview with Sigrid van Roode

Jewellery historian and archaeological consultant Tell us about yourself? Hi, my name is Sigrid van Roode. I am from the Netherlands and work as an

Sophia Nasr Teaching
Friday Feature

Interview with Sophia Nasr

Science Communicator – AstropartiGirl What is your PhD about? I’m doing my PhD in cosmology at UC Irvine. This basically means I like to study

Friday Feature

Melanna “Lanna” Cox

Interview with Melanna “Lanna” Cox Life and Health Coach What is your Ph.D. about? My Ph.D. is in kinesiology and my research focuses on social

Mafalda A. Farelo
Friday Feature

Interview with Mafalda A. Farelo

PhD Candidate (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Science communicator on Instagram and Press & Social Media officer for PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in

Brianna Le Busque
Friday Feature

Interview with Brianna Le Busque

PhD Candidate (Psychology) and Blogger at Dr.OfWhat Website: www.drofwhat.com, Instagram: @dr.ofwhat What does an average day in the life look like for you? As I am