Turn your knowledge and passions into a business


Create & Validate:
Business Idea Guide

For PhDs who want to have a prosperous & impactful career as a knowledge entrepreneur.

Stop thinking about starting a business and confidently develop ideas and assess their feasibility.

Save hours of frustration and nail your specialisation with guided activities to create, develop, and assess business ideas. 

Here's What's Included in
Create & Validate

Phase 1: Create

  • Myth-busting to break through restrictive beliefs that years in academia engrained in you. Such as ‘leaving academia feels like failing’ or ‘I’m an academic, I won’t be good at business’.


  • Brainstorming prompts to open possibilities and rediscover your passions.


  • Visualising activities to help you open your mind to the possibilities and build an aligned business. A business that fits you.


  • Clarifying prompts to ensure an aligned business by developing an understanding of what you love.

Phase 2: Validate

  • Assessment activities to narrow down your ideas by validating the likelihood the specialisation will allow you to impact and make the income you deserve.


  • Validating methods to avoid you developing offers that nobody wants to buy and bringing in income now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! I included myth busting to get you started, a plethora* of brainstorming prompts, and even some activities that will get you asking the people in your life to come up with ideas for you.

* Okay let’s be real, there isn’t a plethora because that would mean there are too many. I just wanted to sound intelligent and use the word plethora. There are 9 brainstorming prompts. There are also 3 visualising prompts and 4 clarifying prompts. All designed to work you right to your perfect business ideas.

Of course! (I bet you didn’t see that answer coming ha-ha.)

You can assess if your idea has the potential for sustainable impact and income. You can skip straight to the assessing module, but I recommend you also do the visualising and clarify activities too to ensure that your idea is aligned with you!

I give you the tools to assess each of these areas and take your idea to market today. Your ROI on this $17 spend will be off the charts. Plus if you determine your idea isn’t viable, then you can start at the beginning and find a new idea that is viable.