Turn what you know into a business

The must-have mini-course for developing and evaluating business ideas

Stop thinking about starting a business and confidently assess your business idea feasibility.


Myth Busting

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming Prompts

Visualising Activities

Clarifying Activities


Next Steps

Ready to take the next steps to a prosperous and impactful career as a knowledge entrepreneur?

Save hours of frustration and nail your specialisation with guided activities to create, develop, and assess business ideas. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Myth-busting to break through restrictive beliefs that years in academia engrained in you. Such as ‘leaving academia feels like failing’ or ‘I’m an academic, I won’t be good at business’.
  • Brainstorming prompts to open possibilities and rediscover your passions.
  • Visualising activities to help you open your mind to the possibilities and build an aligned business. A business that fits you.
  • Clarifying prompts to ensure an aligned business by developing an understanding of what you love.
  • Assessment activities to narrow down your ideas by validating the likelihood the specialisation will allow you to impact and make the income you deserve.

  • Validating methods to avoid you developing offers that nobody wants to buy and bringing in income now.