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Stop thinking about starting a business and confidently develop ideas and assess their feasibility.

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Hi there, I'm Mel!

A business professor turned online entrepreneur.

My academic exit story began when I returned to work after maternity leave and was punished for not publishing enough. I was ‘encouraged’ to publish anything/anywhere as quickly as I could so that the department could meet its metrics… I was tired of doing work with no impact, and I wanted to use my skills and knowledge for good to impact society positively.

So, I handed in my resignation, finished out the academic year and started my own business. That business allowed me to move back to my home country, pursue projects that brought me joy (rather than just ticking boxes), and have a real impact on the world.  My kids get to grow up with their grandparents and cousins, and I have a lifestyle that I love.

I now have a thriving, lifestyle-aligned business, and I want to help you do that too.

Are you ready to turn your knowledge, passions, and interests into a business idea?

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You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Of course! I included myth busting to get you started, a plethora* of brainstorming prompts, and even some activities that will get you asking the people in your life to come up with ideas for you.

* Okay let’s be real, there isn’t a plethora because that would mean there are too many. I just wanted to sound intelligent and use the word plethora. There are 9 brainstorming prompts. There are also 3 visualising prompts and 4 clarifying prompts. All designed to work you right to your perfect business ideas.

Of course! (I bet you didn’t see that answer coming ha-ha.)

You can assess if your idea has the potential for sustainable impact and income. You can skip straight to the assessing module, but I recommend you also do the visualising and clarify activities too to ensure that your idea is aligned with you!

I give you the tools to assess each of these areas and take your idea to market today. Your ROI on this $17 spend will be off the charts. Plus if you determine your idea isn’t viable, then you can start at the beginning and find a new idea that is viable.

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