Guest Post Guidelines

Want to contribute to The Leveraged PhD? Here are our guidelines for guest posts.

How to contribute an article for The Leveraged PhD

The Leveraged PhD is here to provide resources and build a community. Therefore, we are always open to new perspectives and voices and encourage guest posts. If you have an idea for an article that will be educational, inspirational or entertaining for our audience of PhDs, researchers, and academics considering leaving academia then pitch us your idea. Please follow the guidelines below for your submission.

Guest Post Guidelines

Posts must be original.

Draw from your own experiences to come up with your idea. Reach out to us with your idea and we can discuss if anything similar is currently being worked on by another author and if so a different angle you could write from.

The most successful articles tend to be:

  • Lists (examples, tips, tools, tactics)
  • How-to articles/guides
  • Explainer posts (What is… why X matters.. etc)
  • Opinion posts, commentary, think pieces.
  • Provide actionable tips/practical advice

Posts must be pitch-free

Your article should share your expertise, information, insight and ideas with our audience. Posts that are focused on selling a product or recommending a particular product or service will not be accepted. You are welcome to include information and links to your business/product in your author bio but your article should be free from pitches.

Post length

The best posts are clear, concise, and only as long as they need to be.

Posts should, however, be at least 800 words.

Provide an expert

An expert is a 20-word summary of your article. It will show on Google so needs to summarise the article in a way that encourages searchers to click and read the article.

Include titles

Write a main headline plus 3 alternatives.

Author bio and photo

Write an author bio and include links to your social media and/or website. Attached a photo of yourself that will be included in your author bio.

[Optional] Feature Image/post images

If you have an image you’d like as the featured image or throughout the article please include them with your submission with a statement indicating your ownership of the images and release for The Leveraged PhD to include them on our blog and social media.

Our publishing process

  • Rolling acceptance
  • Initial acceptance
  • Revisions
  • Acceptance and date of publication indicated to author
  • Content formatted and scheduled
  • Social media promotion on date of publication (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Ongoing social media promotion (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Email promotion in our monthly newsletter


Email your ideas or full submission to melanie[at]theleveragedphd[dot]com