How to keep your marketing up when you are sick, busy or on vacation

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Consistency is the lauded action to build a successful business. You need to consistently nurture your leads through emails, social media, blog content etc. etc. You know the deal. The expert advice is that consistency is necessary to build trust and stay top of mind.

And I agree. I believe that structure and consistency create freedom. But what happens when you just can’t. You are sick, there is a family emergency, or an unforeseen situation outside your control, such as losing internet access or a delayed appointment.

Then it’s a choice between a shitty piece of content or none. In my option, none is better.

Guidelines and best practices can help us, but they shouldn’t come between your well-being. Having a business is about creating freedom for snuggles with sick kids, vacations that you truly switch off on, and a life that you enjoy.

My advice for building a life aligned business is:

  1. Implement a business model that provides you with freedom
  2. Automate everything that can be
  3. Skip a day/week of content creation if need
  4. If you are skipping more than not, re-design your business model and marketing strategy

Build your business in a way that serves you. Do what lights you up, and don’t re-create a ridged work life.

P.S. If you want help creating a business model and marketing strategy that fits you and creates the life you dream of apply for a free strategy session here.

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