Instagram Challenge for Academics, PhDs, and Academia Adjacents

Instagram is a powerful tool for building community and showcasing yourself. But I know it can be overwhelming to think about what you will post. It is easy to become paralyzed and not post due to your doubts. That’s where an Instagram Challenge comes in! 

In an Instagram rut?

Join other academics, PhDs with side hustles, and Alt-careers for the month of Septemeber in this Instagram Challenge.

Grow your following, connect with like-minded people, find inspiration, and push yourself creatively with this Instagram Challenge.

If you find yourself struggling to post consistently to Instagram to develop your personal brand and grow your network then this challenge can offer inspiration and take the effort out of trying to think about what to post everyday.

Every day for the month of September you will have a hashtag prompt to inspire you to get creative and post daily. 

Posting more (e.g. once a day) will improve your engagement and increase your rate of follower growth. Research by Tailwind indicates that by posting to Instagram daily you’ll grow followers 4x faster than posting less than once a week. Use the daily hashtag prompt to get creative and inspire your daily post. 


What is an Instagram Challenge?

A fun way to develop your Instagram presence. You’ll have a daily prompt to inspire you to create a post for your feed. It’s a great way to expand your network by finding and interacting with others doing the challenge. 

To join in all you need to do is post a picture or image on your Instagram feed that relates to the daily prompt and include the hashtag/s in your caption.

To get the most value out of the challenge use the hashtag to interact with others in the challenge. Follow, like, and comment to expand your network.

Why a whole month?

Completing something for a month builds it into a habit. Gaining a following and building a community on Instagram needs consistency and time. Build your network by interacting with others during this challenge.

Who is this challenge for?

Anyone associated with the academy who wants to build their online presence.

PhD students/candidates, tenure-track, non-academic careers, adjuncts, deans, department chairs, and lecturers.

I don’t use social media on weekends. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! I believe it is important to set boundaries for our social media usage and enjoy time in the real world distraction free. 

You can either skip the weekend prompts or post them on Friday afternoon/Monday morning. Missing a few days here and there won’t be an issue for to your participation in the overall challenge. 

It is already mid-Septemeber can I still join?

Absolutely! Sign up and start today. While the full benefit comes from doing the whole challenge you can still gain most of the benefits no matter how late you start.

“Nowadays social media is the best and easiest way to grow a personal identity, to establish a reputation and become visible in a specific industry or niche.”

PETRUCĂ (2016)International Journal of Communication Research

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Why am I hosting this Instagram challenge and why is it free?

I originally started to develop this challenge as a free bonus for my students when they finished my foundation course The Leveraged PhD: Establish Your Personal Brand. I realised that many of my tribe are unable to afford the money to invest in my paid courses but still want to use the power of social media to leverage their PhD. As part of my Insiders tribe, I will send you information on my paid offerings and I hope that you will see the value in deliberately defining and building your personal brand and invest in your future by purchasing the course. If not, that is no worries! I will never hard sell or pressure you. This challenge and other resources will continue to be free for you and if you no longer want to receive emails from me then you can unsubscribe anytime.