Katie Linder LLC

Katie Linder Consulting, LLC

What is your side hustle and why did you start it?

I first started my side business as a creative outlet for my faculty development work since my current full-time research role does not include the kinds of tasks that I used to do when I directed a Center for Teaching and Learning. Although I love the research side of what I do, I found that I missed the opportunity to connect with faculty members through speaking and coaching, so I launched my consulting business. It has grown pretty quickly to include writing groups, private coaching, webinars, and courses, and it has been a wonderful creative outlet for me as I explore the areas that I can be most helpful to faculty and higher education administrators, such as writing and publication and career development.

What advice would you give others looking at starting a side hustle?

I probably waited too long to take my side hustle seriously. I was speaking for several years before I thought of that work as a “business” and I didn’t form my LLC until 2016. The mindset shift to being a “business owner” was an important step in growing the business and thinking more intentionally about things like marketing, client onboarding, and my own professional development as an entrepreneur. So, my advice would be to take yourself seriously from the beginning, even if it feels a little strange.

How does your PhD/degree help you in your side hustle?

A lot of my work with clients is strengthened by the credibility of my PhD because I work primarily with academics and higher education professionals. I think it helps them to know that I understand the context of higher education and the expectations of faculty and administrative positions. My PhD training also really helped me to develop as a writer, which has led to multiple books and edited collections. These also lend a good degree of credibility for the speaking and consulting part of my business as well.

How can our readers find out more about your company?

I frequently update my website (https://katielinder.work) with new products and services and I also offer an inside peek into my work through my podcast Make Your Way (co-hosted with the wonderful Dr Sara Langworthy) where we talk about all things business and side hustle. You can find the show at https://katielinder.work/podcasts.

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