Work with The Leveraged PhD


The Leveraged PhD is a fast-growing blog. Created in 2017 as The Professor Is Out and rebranded as The Leveraged PhD in June 2019. My goal is to inspire and help PhDs use their degrees to the full potential. Along the way, I share tips with an emphasis on self-care and growth. Are you a company that sells to PhDs and academics? Contact me to discuss how we can collaborate. 

In accordance with ethical blogging practices and laws, all reviews/promotion hosted on The Leveraged PhD in exchange for compensation will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation. 

The following are examples of collaborations I offer companies:


Advertising opportunities are available on this website and in my monthly email newsletter via banner advertising. Rates, statistics, and audience demographics available on request.


Do you have a product or service that we can offer as a giveaway? Benefits are exposure and potential for social media followers, email contacts, and/or website visitors. Past giveaways include Genius Lab Gear and Science On A Postcard.

Sponsored Post

Build awareness for your brand and your products or services with a sponsored blog post. A sponsored post is more educational than a traditional ad and it gets your product/service in front of your desired audience of PhD students and academics in a natural, entertaining, and educational way.

Brand Ambassador

Through a brand ambassadorship, we can promote your brand through a long-term partnership. Promotion can include blog posts and social media content.

Contact us to discuss working with The Leveraged PhD