Ready to leverage your PhD?

Hearing the call to leave the toxic academic world behind? Ready to build a business that brings you joy and prosperity?

This is the place for PhDs just like you who are questioning the status quo and wanting to leverage their knowledge and passions to create impact and income without sacrificing their well-being.

I know you are feeling burnt out and undervalued. Perhaps even feeling inadequate and stupid due to years in academia. But deep down you know you are meant for so much more; you have an idea burning inside of you. You know you have so much to offer the world and are looking for support to leave your academic baggage behind and help you build a lifestyle aligned business.

You are ready for the positive impact creating a business it will have on all areas of your life; a life that will allow you to make a difference, be paid your true worth, be creative, and provide you with location and lifestyle freedom.

So, let’s do this.

The Leveraged PhD provides lifestyle aligned business and visibility programs that focus on mindset, strategy and practical application for PhDs who want to turn their knowledge and passions into impact and income without sacrificing their well-being.

The Leveraged PhD Founder

Hi, I’m Mel, business professor turned entrepreneur. 

I worked in academia for over a decade before the toxic environment and publish or perish culture led me to leave academia and start my own business.

I have a PhD in Marketing and taught marketing and entrepreneurship at universities in the USA, Australia, China and the UK. 

In addition, I have vast practical experience in online business with years of consulting, coaching and done for you services provided for clients worldwide.

I created The Leveraged PhD so that PhDs can feel encouraged, supported, and inspired to re-invent their career to create a life of joy and prosperity for themselves. 

I help PhDs see their potential and worth while guiding them to leverage their knowledge and passions into impact and income.

The Thrive Method

This isn’t like other business development programs that present a ridged cookie-cutter approach to creating a business. The Leveraged PhD’s Thrive Method is specifically designed to overcome your unique frustrations as a PhD turned entrepreneur.

The thrive method focuses on building a business and personal brand around you! We incorporate your values and the impact you desire.

There is no ‘busy’ culture here. Your success will not come at the expense of your well-being, in fact, quite the opposite. By consciously designing your business and brand so that it is aligned with your goals, you will gain both financial and lifestyle freedom.

The THRIVE method is about holistic growth. We will work on your mindset, develop your strategy, and support you to take action. You’ll gain clarity, confidence and direction that will supercharge your business growth.